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February 28, 2009
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Canon PowerShot A720 IS
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Jan 17, 2007, 10:07:21 PM
A clear view of Nemesis by Jin-Saotome A clear view of Nemesis by Jin-Saotome
For those of you who picked up the Marvel Legends Nemesis series you may of noticed he's no longer clear, instead having an icky matte yellow paint app. There is a way to return him to his normal clear orange/yellow goodness but it'll take some work.

First take him apart. Snag some Bounty or WalMart brand Oasis towels as these don't leave particles behind like Brawny or some of the cheaper ones. Make sure you're out doors because Dampen the towel with Walmart or Ace's brand of Acetone (I use Kleen-strip) and begin to wipe off the nasty yellow paint on his arms and legs. You don't have to be super careful on these parts because the Acetone won't eat away at that plastic very quickly like it will hard plastics parts. Use Q-tips if you have trouble getting any of the red bubble apps out of crevices.

You're going to go through a lot of paper towels and Acetone with this guy, probably needing to go over him twice. The shoulderpads are very Acetone resistant and easy to clean off. But the chest/waist IS NOT! You have to be very careful about how much acetone you put on the paper towel because too much and it'll begin to melt the plastic, the paper towel sticking. Fortunately you can go back over any 'oops' spots with more acetone and remove that. Avoid hitting the already clear dome if you can.

Now use Tamiya clear red to line-in all his armor panels, muscle sections, anywhere there's an indention. Get underneath his chest piece as well. Paint the little red bubbles however you wish. I only paint them on the front and back of the figure and towards the center of each part like in this image here: [link] After that dries paint the entire figure with a coat of Tamiya clear yellow and you will see him start to instantly turn clear as you do! Make sure to get underneath his shoulderpads to make them clear as well. If you want brighter eyes on the skeleton, paint them silver and when the dome is closed they'll be a much brighter yellow, almost glowing looking.

Now you have a Nemesis that resembles the older 5" 'Dark Nemesis' made by Toybiz that was all clear looking. I'll probably go back over the bubbles to darken some up for variety but he's basically done. Now, are we clear on how to do that? Good!
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dude; Holocaust is F***ING awesome!
DAAAAANG son! This is sweet! I wish I could have found this series on shelves. Idaho doesn't get a lot of attention from Hasbro distribution. Sad days, especially because Holocaust is one of my favorite characters.
Now this is how he should look! Great job!
IchigoSakura Mar 8, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What a tutorial!

...Sure I didn't really understand it. xDD But it was in-depth! Also good for other uses, I'm sure.
Jin-Saotome Mar 8, 2009  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thanks Jen!
DecepticonsRule Mar 8, 2009
Looks way cool. Kind of like a demon from hell.
scarecrowstudios Mar 4, 2009  Professional General Artist
that looks great. i'm waiting on mine in the mail right now (we never see shit here in texas, its like we get the trickle down scraps, i ordered it from canada). if i get brave enough i may try this, its a vast improvement.

does anyone make something translucent to sculpt with?
Thebuild Mar 4, 2009
My knowledge of Marvel is far from impressive, the piece looks great, very sinister but I have no idea about the character's back ground.
very very kewl.
dracine Mar 1, 2009  Professional Photographer
I don't edit a lot of my figures, but I think this is one of them that I might do. Because I REALLY like how this works. Holocaust was one of my big wants.
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