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December 22, 2008
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Canon PowerShot A720 IS
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1/20 second
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6 mm
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Date Taken
Sep 9, 2008, 3:11:34 AM
Jin Saotome revisited by Jin-Saotome Jin Saotome revisited by Jin-Saotome
Here's my pride and joy again, Jin Saotome done in a 6-inch Marvel Legends scale! He's been upgraded again, this time with an entirely new sculpted upper body, new shoulders/spikes, reworked hands, and whole new feet that give him added articulation.

You've seen him before but here's the background on Jin's custom. He was the first figure I had ever sculpted anything on using Aves Apoxie sculpt for his chest/vest/pockets shown here: [link] The original figure was made a while ago, whenever Marvel Legends series 9 hit and I snagged the Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider. As you can see he was a combination of parts: [link]

Over the years tho the figure has gone through about four transformations or 'upgrades' if you will. Just recently the rubber from Ghost Rider's jacket degraded. You see I had sprayed it with spray-sealer before I knew NOT to use it on soft rubber parts. I had to rip the goo off him and completely resculpt the upper body, save for that one section of front chest. Also the spikes gooed up so I replaced them with hard plastic spikes.

Thanks to Kyle Robinson's casts of Jin's armor I was able to fix just about everything! He was stripped of paint, repainted, given a new articulated bandana, and a larger more poseable scarf. Proper kanji has been painted on his back that translates to "Number one in the universe". With the new cast parts I'll probably make a new Jin to sell similar to this one but keep this figure and continue to work on it in the years to come.

And that's the history of this figure, now new and improved for your viewing enjoyment!
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cosmicfantasycustoms Nov 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
always been a fan of your work and it is one of the reasons I began customizing in the first place. thanks for all your inspirational works.
that head suits jin so much better than ryu XD nice job (when that ghost rider was out the first thing i thought was you making jin out of it)
BLOODIA!!! wicked custom ma man.i love how u've captured his scarfs characteristics perfectly.heh heh while playin mvc,his scarf used to distract me so much.just the way it flapps away violently be for he power punches me ^^
Jin-Saotome Jan 15, 2009  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
IchigoSakura Dec 26, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is making me want to bust out the Marvel vs Capcom for the Dreamcast. xD

And, this is also a good reference! I needed the detail on his headband for a picture I'm doing. xD Well, a couple of them (I hope. xD)

I miss your Jin custom. It's so nice to see him back in action again!
Jin-Saotome Dec 28, 2008  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Ooh, study up! Also hit up the Fighter's Generation: [link] go to the Characters page and look up Jin. He has a bunch of artwork of him. And thanks!
IchigoSakura Dec 28, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I need to. Jenny has had a few more influences from Jin as she's heading back into the Keep. xDDD Thanks for the link! It's really handy. :3
Schottlander666 Dec 23, 2008
for fun: ive been to youtube and looked up a mugen (fighting game) video with jin saotome... there i saw him do a move where he gets stripped of all his clothing...

do you think you could include a super strip action with this figure? XD
Jin-Saotome Dec 24, 2008  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I kinda want to take a Namor body and make that, heheh.. maybe someday!
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