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Now that you know Fox has butchered Deadpool's character...are you still going to see the Woverine movie? 

272 deviants said I'll still see it regardless.
112 deviants said Hell no, that was the reason to see the movie!
64 deviants said Who's Deadpool?

Devious Comments

Oi1Bob Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2009   General Artist
You heard about the workprint of the movie that was released on fools day? I got a hold of it and watched. The movie wasn't horrible, mate. Wade was great in my opinion, and I liked the way they handled Agent zero, too. Hopefully they'll be able to salvage the end of the movie so a decent DEADPOOL can be made.

I'm a huge regeneratin degenerate fan, but I was still able to enjoy it. For whatever that's worth.
Nano-Tech Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2009
Well I don't agree with any of these options. I said "hell no.." but that's not entirely correct.
It pissed me off so much when I saw the leaked images of Deadpool, I've been eagerly following this from day one. I've always loved Deadpool and was the entire reason for seeing this movie.... Constant raping of the internets just to find a possible leaked shot haha. I have to say I was skeptical from the start but on the other hand, when you take Wade out of the equation, the rest of the film is shaping up to be fairly good.
I have to say that Ryan Reynolds was a pretty neat choice of actor, I can definately see why they chose him for the role/why he pushed for it.. But the creative liberations they took really annoyed me.
But getting back to what I originally said, I most likely will see this but the real question is, am I going to pay for it? I don't know at this stage... It's like the Dragon Ball movie, I know that it's going to be shit and I'll feel like all my childhood fantasies were savagely molested but the curiousity is far too great! I think it's definately worth a download but I'm sure I'll end up seeing it with a friend anyway haha (I know, I just made myself a hypocrite haha).

At this stage I'll take it as it comes. Who knows, it could actually work... Although I don't like how I've heard they made him a mutant and he can fire lasers from his eyes.... Bar Deadpool though, I think this movie could be awesome.
xenoirish Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2009
I watched the movie last really didn't think it would be as bad as it was. I wasn't expecting anything really good, but i was surprised at the train wreck the film was.

The story sucked. They ruined some key moments in the characters history. And they way they made him lose his memories was just awful and didn't make sense. It was like they took a cobbled together first draft of a script and just didn't feel like refining it.

Wade Wilson, all 5 minutes he was present wasn't bad. But they butchered the Deadpool aspect of the character. And even though he's a secondary character, a lot of people are big fans of deadpool and are seeing this movie for him. And unless the re-shoots that will be added completely change that, people are going to be pissed.

The action, as it is in the x men movies, was too over the top to be believable or enjoyable. Apparently the laws of physics don't apply to these films.

I'm a fan of superhero movies, and of the source materiel. But this movie was just bad. And even though it got leaked and just about everyone that's seen it has said it was horrible, it'll still make a lot of money and then they'll keep making these bad films, instead of learning from their mistakes and fixing them. Which is a real shame for the fans.
Neecross Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2009
The movie looks a tad more cheesy than that of the First Xman movie, but I think I'd just see it as a fun action movie. If the movie is portraying Deadpool before he became covered with cancerous growths and before he is the complete nut that I got hooked on, then its sorta understandable on what they're doing, I guess.
jaredjlee Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2009   General Artist
It looks cool so I'm going to see it.
My lil bro was watching the dailys for it when I got hom.
He said they changed some stuff but the action is so good he is going to watch it in theaters.

I'll still watch it for Wade. They might find a loop hole to make more true to his character if he is ever brought back.
Samael-Valentine Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2009
I liked the movie for what it was, but being a die hard "Wolvie" fan, I had scruples from the beginning, what with the way they messed with his origins story and all. They really dumbed it down, for the "masses", outright telling people that Victor was his brother. Not only that, but they just had him start going by "Logan" never even bringing up why, it was just "Oh look, he was Jimmy (James), and now it is Logan! Hooray!"

On the Deadpool note, I love that Merc with a mouth, and I was actually really excited to see Ryan Reynolds play him, what with their humor and mannerisms being fairly compatible. But I agree, they ruined what Deadpool fans have come to love. I kept waiting for his mouth to be cut open again or something, causing him to spew some nonesensical hilarity our Runty Canuk's way. But alas, no, they just made him some mind control super dude, recycling the edit of Lady Deathstrike (which I actually quite liked) from X2.

I will still go see it in theaters, despite the plot holes and all, just because the look and feel of the movie in general was pretty satisfying.

I feel for you Jin, I really do.
GRIMLOCKPRIME108 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2009
this has dropped from my must see films for the summer.i'll still get it on dvd because overall it was a good popcorn flick.but "deadpool" as a terminatoresque archetype at the end was just a few ways to "Dear god Why did that happen" syndrome
Deimos-Remus Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Deadpool isn't my favorite to begin with, but overall, I just think the movie doesn't look that great.
Shinobitron Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2009
The rest of the movie looks cool . . . but I'm still gonna cry at the end. At least we'll have Wade before he turns to suck!
JediKaputski Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2009
I work at the theater, so I'll see it for free, then bitch about it :D
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